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My journey has been a tapestry of creativity and self-discovery. From crafting exquisite wall finishes for diverse clientele to providing expert color consulting services, my professional path has always been driven by a desire to awaken the senses and evoke emotion. Yet, amidst the demands of my career, I encountered personal challenges that led me on a journey of healing and introspection. Nature hikes and flower photography became my sanctuary, guiding me through tranquil trails and revealing the profound beauty of the natural world in every petal and bloom. In this journey, I found solace not only in capturing images but also in the therapeutic power of meditative music. Recently, I've embarked on a new path exploring the art of sound healing, drawn by an intuitive understanding of its potential using plant recordings. As I continue to weave together my passion for creativity and the healing wonders of nature and sound, I invite you to join me in a sanctuary where art, nature, and sound converge to inspire, uplift, and renew the spirit. Thanks for stopping by. 

Sheila June Fine Art Photography and Plant Recordings


I aim to create a sanctuary where art, nature, sound, and color converge. Through my painterly photography, I capture the ethereal beauty of flowers, inviting viewers to find solace in nature. Delving into meditative music, I blend soothing tones with plant currents to create captivating compositions. This fusion of visual splendor, healing sounds, and color therapy nurtures mind, body, and spirit. Welcome to a space where art, nature, music, and color intertwine to uplift and inspire. 

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